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Thank you to Associate Editor Lisa Peet for this thumbnail notice in Library Journal:

Lisa Peet, Associate Editor, News & Features, LJ
I recently finished a wonderful under-the-radar book coming out in October, Ghost Horse by Thomas H. McNeely (Gival Pr.). It’s a coming-of-age (but only barely) story about a young boy and his fragmented family, shifting alliances, burgeoning racial awareness, and a Super-8 movie about the eponymous Ghost Horse. The writing is sensitive, beautiful, and ominous throughout—I hate when people use lazy author mashups to define a book, but I can’t resist: it’s as if Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson teamed up to write a 1970s Texas YA novel that went off the rails somewhere—in a very, very good way. The book’s not on Amazon or Powell’s or anyplace else you might think of to find it; this one’s an ideal candidate to order through your local indie bookstore.

And for her kind comments on Goodreads:

This was very well done, though a bit shattering in the end… kind of like if Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson teamed up to write a coming-of-age novel set in 1970 Houston. Beautiful writing, at the same time bleak, and very textural-I’m still mulling it over in my mind. Absolutely a terrific debut novel.

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