The Rumpus: In the Eye of the Hurricane

rumpusRegionalism often finds its mode in the pastoral, and in the American South—the South of the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts, the South of bayous and piney swamp lands, not Faulkner’s savage wilderness or William Gay’s Faulknerian dystopia, but the South of Tim Gautreaux and Walker Percy at his most lyrical, zydeco to stark delta blues—this has meant a kind of aching tenderness, writing that makes its diffident case for the region’s beauty.

In his superb debut collection, The Southern Cross, winner of the 2008 Bakeless Prize, Skip Horack paints the landscape of Southern Louisiana with a poet’s feeling for language and an intimate knowledge of people and place. The Louisiana Horack creates is both generative and broken, salvific and ruined, marked in ways large and small by Hurricane Katrina.

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