Lighthouse Writers Lit Fest 2014

June 7 & 8, 2014, at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop 9th Annual Lit Fest in Denver, Colorado, I will be teaching two weekend-long intensive workshops, The Art of Intimacy (based on Stacey D’Erasmo’s brilliant book of the same title) and a special class on revision, Losing Yourself, Finding Your Voice.

If you happen to be in Denver, drop by!  Course descriptions below:

The Art of Intimacy:  How do great writers portray intimacy of all kinds in their fiction?  How do they create an intimate relationship between their stories and readers?  How do we as writers portray complex intimate relationships between our characters?  How do we build relationships with our readers through tone, point of view, and revelation (or withholding) of information?  On the first day of this workshop, we will write to expand the possibilities of intimate relationships between our characters.  On the second day, we will experiment with different narrative approaches to produce relationships with readers.  All students will be required to read a short book of criticism and craft, The Art of Intimacy, by award-winning novelist Stacey D’Erasmo, before the class.  The book will also be available for purchase at the book fair.

Losing Yourself, Finding Your Voice:  Often, what is getting in the way of writing the stories that matter to us the most is ourselves – our preconceived notions of what these stories mean, and how we want to tell them.  In this intensive workshop, we will consider how work which is stalled can be revived both structurally and by challenging some of your stories’ central assumptions about their meaning.  On day one, we will engage in exercises in observation and attentive listening, and writing exercises which challenge you as a writer to assume unfamiliar voices.  On day two, we will discuss your work, brainstorm new approaches, and write from new perspectives and approaches to revive your work.  All students will be required to send me a maximum of ten pages of fiction from the project you wish to focus on in the class.  I will distribute these passages to the class before we meet.


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